Carlynton School District


Regular Voting Meeting

January 21, 2010

Carlynton Jr.-Sr. High School Library – 7:30 pm



Call to order


PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE: HS Student Alaina Schuster; she will also be recognized for her artwork that was selected by AIU for a Christmas card.



Roll call


PRESENTATION: A representative from Hosack, Specht, Muetzel and Wood will provide an overview of the district audit report.



public comment on business before the board:


approval of minutes:


Motion to approve the following minutes:  


  1. The minutes of the January 7, 2010 Agenda Setting/Committee/Voting Meeting as presented.

__________ First; __________ Second; __________ Vote


Minutes of the January 7, 2010 Meeting




  • Executive Session – Thomas Brown


Ř      Principals’ Reports

Ř      Director of Pupil Services’ Report

Ř      Business Manager Report


  • Superintendent’s Report – Dr. Panza

·         Pathfinder Report – Sharon Wilson

·         Parkway West CTC Report – Sandra Hughan

·         SHASDA – Patricia Schirripa

·         PSBA-Legislative – Raymond Walkowiak






I.       Miscellaneous


Motion to approve the following Miscellaneous Items:


1.       Conference and Field Trip Requests as submitted and reviewed by administration:

§   FT…F.Zebrasky…SnoZone…Comm. Based Instruction…1/29

§   C…L.Merglowski…Sheraton SS…PSSA Workshop…1/31-2/3

§   C…F.Zebrasky…AIU3…PASA Training…2/4

§   FT…M.Smoller…Soldiers & Sailors Hall…WorldQuest Comp…2/4

§   FT…S.Barnes/S.Canty…DLL Convention Ctr…College Fair…2/5

§   FT…M.O’Neil…Hampton MS…Jr. High District Orchestra…2/5-6

§   FT…M.Smoller…KDKA Studios…Hometown HQ Comp…2/6

§   FT…F.Zebrasky…Sarris Candy…Comm. Based Instruction…2/10

§   FT…M.O’Neil…Bethel Park HS…Sr. High District Band…2/10-12

§   FT…M.Smoller…Pgh Engineer Warehouse…Nat’l Eng. Week…2/17

§   FT…M.O’Neil…Jeff-Morgan JSHS…Jr. High District Band…3/5-6

§   FT…M.Smoller …NS Urban Pathways School…Quiz Bowl…4/30

(Miscellaneous Item #0110-1)

__________ First; __________ Second; __________ Vote


Conference and Field Trip Requests

I.       Finance



Motion to approve the following Finance Items:


  1. Treasurer’s Report for the month of November 2009 as presented;


Treasurer’s Report – November 2009

  1. November 2009 bills in the amount of $1,824,393.95 as presented;


November 2009 Bills


  1. Treasurer’s Report for the month of December 2009 as presented;


Treasurer’s Report – December 2009

  1. December 2009 bills in the amount of $1,568,000.70 as presented;


December 2009 Bills

  1. The December 2009 Athletic Fund Report as submitted and reviewed by administration;  (Finance Item #0110-1)


December 2009 Athletic Fund Report

  1. The December 2009 Activities Fund Report as submitted and reviewed by administration.   (Finance Item #0110-2)


December 2009 Activities Fund Report

  1. The Carlynton School District Financial statements Audit Report for the year ending June 30, 2009, as presented by Hosack, Specht, Muetzel and Wood, LLP.  (Finance Item #0110-3)


Financial Statements Audit Report

  1. Authorize solicitor to file tax appeals on behalf of the district on properties where the recent sale price exceeds the assessed value by
    $50,000 or more;  (Finance Item #0110-4)


Tax Appeals on Assessed Value of Homes

  1. Borough of Carnegie Real Estate Tax Refund for January 2010 as submitted;  (Finance Item #0110-5)


Carnegie RE Tax Refund – January 2010

  1. The December 2009 Cafeteria Report as submitted by Aramark Educational Services.  (Finance Item #0110-6)

__________ First; __________ Second; __________ Vote


December 2009 Cafeteria Report


II.    Personnel



Motion to approve the following Personnel Items:


  1. The following additions and deletion to the 2009-2010 Supplemental Athletic List as presented and to post for the anticipated opening:

§   Jason Sharp – Varsity Head Boys’ Baseball

§   John Tortorea – Varsity Head Girls’ Softball

§   Mark Knochel –Varsity Assistant Girl’s Softball

§   Nate Milsom – Varsity Head Boys’/Girls’ Track

§   Annemarie Bunch – Varsity Assistant Boys’/Girls’ Track

§   Benjamin Kohl – Varsity Assistant Boys’/Girls’ Track

§   Richard Milsom – Varsity Assistant Boys’/Girls’ Track

§   James Glaser – Varsity Head Boys’ Tennis

§   Caitlin McManus – Junior High Boys’/Girls’ Swimming

§   Emily Tupi – Junior High Girls’ Volleyball

§   Ryan Gevaudan –  Resignation, Assistant Athletic Director

             (Personnel Item #0110-1)


Additions/Deletion to 2009-2010 Athletic Supplemental List

  1. Name the following individuals to the 2010-2011 Supplemental Athletic List as presented:

§   Larry Fingers – Varsity Head Boys’ Soccer

§   Evan DeRenzo – Assistant Varsity Boys’ Soccer

§   Jocelyn Illig – Varsity Head Girls’ Soccer

§   Kimberly Steiner-Squires – Assistant Varsity Girls’ Soccer

§   Emily Tupi – Varsity Head Girls’ Volleyball

§   James Glaser – Varsity Head Girls’ Tennis

             (Personnel Item #0110-2)


2010-11 Supplemental Athletic List


  1. The salary increase for Business Manager Kirby Christy as proposed;


Salary Increase – Kirby Christy

  1. Jeanine Butts for the position of after-school tutor at Carnegie Elementary as presented.  Compensation will be at the teacher’s per diem rate and paid by Title 1 grant monies.  (Personnel Item #0110-3)


Carnegie Elementary After-School Tutor – Jeanine Butts


  1. Leave of Absence request by employee #CFT10-18 as presented.  (Personnel Item #0110-4)

__________ First; __________ Second; __________ Vote


LOA Request – #CFT10-18


III. Policy



Motion to approve the Policy Item as follows:


  1. The first reading of the 600 policy series as reviewed and submitted;  (Policy Item #0110-1)

__________ First; __________ Second; __________ Vote


600 Policy Series

IV.  Transportation Services



Motion to approve the following Transportation item:


1.       The Request for Proposal for Transportation Services presented and to advertise said proposal.  (Transportation Services Item #0110-1)

__________ First; __________ Second; __________ Vote


Transportation RFP