Carlynton School District


Committee/Agenda Setting/ Voting Meeting

February 5, 2009

Carlynton Jr.-Sr. High School Library – 7:30 pm



Call to order




PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE:  Cassandra Clark, Crafton Elementary Sixth Grade Student




Roll call




public comment on business before the board:




approval of minutes:


Motion to approve the following:  


  1. The minutes of the January 15, 2009 Committee/Voting Meeting as presented.

__________ First; __________ Second; __________ Vote


Minutes of the January 15, 2009 Meeting




  • Executive Session
  • Superintendent’s Report – Dr. Michael Panza







·         Miscellaneous



Motion to approve the following Miscellaneous Item:


  1. Conference and Field Trip Requests as submitted and reviewed by administration:

§   FT…M. O’Neil…S.Fayette …WACA Honors Band Fest…1/26, 2/3

§   FT…M. O’Neil….Pine Richland …PMEA Orchestra…2/6

§   FT…M. Smoller…Academic World Quest…2/6

§   FT…D. Mitchell…Heinz History Ctr…Out-based Learning…2/18

§   FT…M. Lear…Derry Area…Region Chorus…2/18-20

§   FT…J. Welty…CHS…Shakespeare Coaching…2/19

§   C…R. Gevaudan…GT Radisson…Prof. Development…1/26

§   FT…M. O’Neil…Providence, RI… All East Orchestra…3/8-11

§   FT…V.Ferro…Upper EH Elementary…District Chorus…3/13

§   C…J.Butts/M.Clark…AIU…LETRS Training…2/23. 3/4, 5/11

§   FT…J. Welty…O’Reilly Theater…Shakespeare Fest…3/19

§   FT…Car. 6th g Tchrs…RiverQuest…Science study…4/3
         (Miscellaneous Item #0209-1)

Conference and Field Trip Requests


__________ First; __________ Second; __________ Vote




·         Curriculum



Recommend approval of the following Curriculum Items:


  1. Adoption of the revised Foreign Language Curriculum as presented.

      (Curriculum Item #0209-1)

Foreign Language Curriculum



·         Finance



Motion to approve the following Finance Item:


  1. Resolution to adopt the Valic Governmental 403(b) Employers’ Tax Deferment Plan as reviewed by the solicitor and recommended by administration. The approval applies to those professional teaching employees retiring between February 15, 2009 through June 30, 2009. (Finance Item #0209-1)

__________ First; __________ Second; __________ Vote


403(b) Employer’s Tax Deferment Plan


Recommend approval of the Finance Items as follows:


  1. Treasurer’s Report for the month of December 2008 as presented;


Treasurer’s Report – 12/2008


  1. December 2008 bills in the amount of $3,923,297.35 as presented;


December 2008 Bills

  1. Treasurer’s Report for the month of January 2009 as presented;  TBP


Treasurer’s Report – 01/2009

  1. January 2009 bills in the amount of $____________ as presented;  TBP


January 2009 Bills

  1. Crafton Real Estate Tax Refunds as presented; (Finance Item #0209-2) TBP


Crafton RE Tax Refunds

  1. Award bid for the District Gigabit WAN Connection service to Comcast, the lowest responsible bidder, for a three-year contract at a monthly cost of $3,395.00;  (Finance Item #0209-3)


District Gigabit WAN Connection System

  1. Purchase of the Destiny software as an upgrade/online database for the school district library;  (Finance Item #0209-4)


Destiny Software - Library

  1. Purchase of the Terra Nova 3rd Edition for the 2009-2010 school year as reviewed by the Elementary and Secondary Education Committees and recommended by the administration;


Terra Nova 3rd Edition




·         Personnel



Motion to approve the following Personnel Items:


  1. The additions to the 2008-2009 Day-to-Day Substitute List as presented and recommended by administration:

§         Adam Katz – Music, K-12;  

      (Personnel Item #0209-1)


Addition to the 08-09 Substitute List


  1. The following additions to the Athletic Supplemental List for the 2008-2009 school year as presented and recommended by administration:

§         Jason Sharp – Varsity Head Boys’ Baseball

§         Brian Matts – Varsity Assistant Boys’ Baseball

                    (Personnel Item #0209-2)


Additions to the 08-09 Athletic Supplemental List

  1. The following addition to the Curriculum Supplemental List for the 2008-2009 school year as presented and recommended by administration:

§         Brian Harewicz – Special Education/GATE

      (Personnel Item #0209-3)


Addition to 08-09 Curriculum Supplemental List

  1. Carnegie Elementary Principal Christopher Very for the  Science: It’s Elementary Support on Staff grant stipend of $3,000;  (Personnel Item #0209-4)

__________ First; __________ Second; __________ Vote


Christopher Very – SIE-SOS Stipend



·         Policy



Motion to approve the Policy Item as follows:


17. The modification to Policy No. 113.2 – Behavior Management for Exceptional Children, as submitted.  (Policy Item #0209-1)

__________ First; __________ Second; __________ Vote


Modification to Policy No. 113.2 – Behavior Management



·         Student Services



Motion to approve the Student Services Items as follows:


18. The Letter of Agreement between the District and UPMC Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic for student assistance addiction liaison services for the 2008-2009 school year at a cost of $2,975;  (Student Services Item #0209-1)


Letter of Agreement – Western Psychiatric

19. Additions to the 2008-2009 bus driver list as presented by First Student:

§         Susan Eltringham

§         Walter Gardner

§         Brenda Collins-White

      (Student Services Item #0209-2)


Additions to  Bus Driver List

  1. The use of Studio Ten Photography as the official school district photographer, at no cost to the district.  (Student Services Item #0209-3)

__________ First; __________ Second; __________ Vote


Studio Ten Photography – Official District Photographer