Carlynton School District


Regular Voting Meeting

June 25, 2009

Carlynton Jr.-Sr. High School Library – 7:30 p.m.




Call to order




Roll call


public comment on business before the board:


approval of minutes:


Motion to approve the following:


  1. The minutes of the June 4, 2009 Agenda Setting/Committee/Voting Meeting as presented.

__________First;  __________Second;  __________Vote


Minutes – June 4, 2009





  • Executive Session – Thomas Brown
  • Superintendent’s Report – Dr. Panza

Ø      Reports: Pupil Services, Principals and Business Manager


  • Secretary’s Correspondence

Ø      * Minutes of the Parkway West Career and Technology Center Joint Committee Meeting of May 5, 2009. (Secretary’s Correspondence #0609-1)

Ø      * Letter of Appreciation from Dr. Sakai

Secretary’s Correspondence


·         Pathfinder Report – Sharon Wilson

·         Parkway West CTC Report – Sandra Hughan

·         SHASDA – Patricia Schirripa

·         PSBA-Legislative – Raymond Walkowiak



·         Miscellaneous

Motion to approve the following:


  1. * The reappointment of Dr. Edward Snell as district-wide physician;  (Miscellaneous Item #0609-1)


Reappointment – Physician Edward Snell

  1. * The proposed textbooks for the 2009-2010 school year as presented (Miscellaneous Item #0609-2);


Textbooks for 09-10

  1. * Resolution #434-09 opposing the Proposed Keystone Exams as presented; (Miscellaneous Item #0609-3)


Resolution #434-09 – Opposing Keystone Exams

  1. * Hosting the 2011-2012 Elementary District Band Festival West, at a date to be determined.

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Hosting Elementary Band Festival

·         Finance

Motion to approve the following:


  1. The Treasurer’s Report for the month of May 2009;


May 2009 Treasurer’s Report

  1. The May 2009 bills in the amount of $2,566,378.93 as presented; 


May 2009 Bills

  1. Resolution No. 432-09 establishing the millage for real estate taxation
    for the 2009-2010 fiscal year as follows: Resolved that the Carlynton School District does hereby levy and assess the real estate tax for the fiscal year for all taxable property in the Carlynton School District for the Boroughs of Carnegie, Crafton and Rosslyn Farms, at 24.15 mills or $2.415 on each one hundred dollars ($100) of the assessed valuation on all property for school purposes. This represents no increase in the district millage rate; (Finance Item #0609-1)


Resolution No. 432-09 Real Estate Millage

6.       Resolution No. 433-09 as follows: Resolved that the levy of one percent (1%) on all earned income and net profit levied by Resolution No. 44 of 1966 and enacted under the authority of the Local and Tax Enabling Act #511 of 1965 and its amendments thereto, is hereby renewed for the 2009-2010 fiscal year and for an indefinite term thereinafter, and all taxes levied under Act 511 of 1965 including the earned income and net profits tax and the real estate transfer tax be reenacted without substantial change. This represents no increase in the taxation rate;  (Finance Item #0609-2)  


Resolution No. 433-09 Earned Income Tax Levy

  1. The Carlynton School District 2009-2010 General Fund Budget in the amount of $24,699,714;   


2009-10 General Fund Budget

  1. Designate PNC Bank, Crafton Branch, as the official school district depository for funds received for fiscal year 2009-2010 in accordance with Section 621 of the PA School Code;


PNC  Bank – District Depository

  1. Participation in the Ohio Casualty Worker’s Compensation Program at a cost of $56,255, effective July 1, 2009, as presented;  (Finance Item #0609-3) 


Ohio Casualty Worker’s Compensation Program


  1. The insurance package for the 2009-2010 school year as recommended by Gleason Agency at a cost of $34,998; (Finance Item #0609-4) 


Insurance Package for 2009-2010 per Gleason Agency

  1. That Patricia Keeley, Crafton Real Estate Tax Collector; Edward Adams, Rosslyn Farms Real Estate Tax Collector; and Karen Welsh, Carnegie Real Estate Tax Collector, be excused from further collection of school
    district real estate taxes for the 2008-2009 school year, effective June 30, 2009, and that the list of names of those owners submitted by each of the above tax collectors be given to the delinquent tax collector for the purpose of liening;


Tax Collectors Excused from Collection

  1. Reappoint Edward Adams as Rosslyn Farms Earned Income Tax Collector for the 2009-2010 school year;


Edward Adams – Rosslyn Farms Tax Collector

  1. Appoint Sandra Hughan to serve as Treasurer of the Carlynton School District for the term beginning July 1, 2009 and ending June 30, 2010;


Appointment of Treasurer

  1. Renew public official bonds for Board Secretary Kirby Christy and Treasurer Sandra Hughan;


Public Official Bonds

  1. Grant authorization for the appropriate officials to provide tax duplicates
    to each of the District’s tax collectors on or before
    July 1, 2009, in
    accordance with Section 682 of the PA School Code;


Tax Duplicates


  1. Authorize the District to acquire the tax collector’s bonds as required by Section 684 of the PA School Code for the Carnegie, Crafton and Rosslyn Farms Tax Collectors;


Tax Collector’s Bonds


  1. Award bids for General, Art, Physical Education, Science, Medical, Custodial/Maintenance and Athletic Supplies for the 2009-2010 school year;  (Finance Item #0609-5)


Bids Awarded for 2009-10 School Year


  1. * Reject all bids for the R.H.V.A.C. system and authorize officials to
    re-advertise for bids;


Reject RHVAC Bid and Re- Advertise

  1. * The May 2009 Athletic Fund Report as presented;  (Finance Item #0609-6)


Year-End Athletic Fund Report

  1. * The May 2009 Activities Fund Report as presented. (Finance Item #0609-7)


Year-End Activities Fund Report

·         Personnel

Motion to approve the following:


21.   The annual and semi-annual ratings for Temporary Professional Employees and Professional Employees and that these ratings be filed with the appropriate agencies consistent with Section 1008 of the PA School Code;


Annual and Semi-Annual Ratings and Filings for Professional Employees

22.   The following list of Professional Employee Contracts for three years of satisfactory services as submitted by the administrative staff for the 2009-2010 school year:

§         Kirsten Boring

§         Meghan Dettling

§         Tracy Post

§         Stefanie Barnes

(Personnel Item #0609-1)


Professional Employee Contracts

23.   * The following Reappointments to the 2009-2010 Curriculum Supplemental List:

§         Laura Begg – Secondary Social Studies

§         Cynthia Eddy – Secondary Language Arts/Foreign Language/Library/Reading

§         Diane Criste/Russ Pedersen – Elementary Music/Art

§         Brian Harewicz – Elementary Special Education/ GATE

§         Mary Lear/ Marlynn Vayanos – Secondary Music/Art

§         Jacie Maslyk – Elementary Reading/Library & Computers and Elementary Language Arts

§         Lisa Rowley – Secondary Physical Education and Health and Supervisor of Federal Programs

(Personnel Item #0609-2)


2009-2010 Curriculum Supplementals

24.   ____________ for the position of Secondary Assistant Principal, effective ____, 2009, as presented, under the terms and conditions of the Administrative Compensation Plan;  (Personnel Item #0609-3)


Secondary Assistant Principal

25.   Award Temporary Professional Employee Contracts to the following individuals for the 2009-2010 school year, under the terms and conditions of the CFT Collective Bargaining Agreement, and effective August 20, 2009:

§   ___________ , Secondary Special Education

§   ___________ , Secondary English

(Personnel Item #0609-4)


TPE Contracts for the 2009-2010 School Year




26.   Employ the following as Long-Term Substitutes for the 2009 school year, effective August 20, 2009:

§   ___________ , Elementary Education (K, Crafton)

§   ___________ , Elementary Education (4, Carnegie)

§   ___________ , Elementary Education (6, Carnegie)

§   ___________ , Secondary English

(Personnel Item #0609-5)


LTS for the 2009-2010 School Year

27. The Leave of Absence request of Employee #CFT09-06 for the 2009-2010 school year as presented.  (Personnel Item #0609-6)

__________First;  __________Second;  __________Vote


Leave of Absence – Employee CFT09-06

·         Policy

Motion to approve the following:


  1. Policy No. 800, Records Management, as presented and reviewed by the solicitor.  (Policy Item #0609-1)


Policy No. 800 – Records Management














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