Carlynton School District


Regular Voting Meeting

September 17, 2009

Carlynton Jr.-Sr. High School Library – 7:30 p.m.




Call to order




Roll call


public comment on business before the board


approval of minutes:


Motion to approve the following:


  1. The minutes of the August 20, 2009 Regular Voting Meeting as amended and presented;


Minutes – August 20, 2009

  1. The minutes of the September 3, 2009 Agenda Setting/Committee/ Voting Meeting as presented.

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Minutes – September 3, 2009



  • Executive Session – Thomas Brown
  • Superintendent’s Report – Dr. Panza

Ø      Principals’ Reports

Ø      Director of Pupil Services’ Report

Ø      Business Manager Report

·         Pathfinder Report – Sharon Wilson

·         Parkway West CTC Report – Sandra Hughan

·         SHASDA – Patricia Schirripa

·         PSBA-Legislative – Raymond Walkowiak





I. Miscellaneous



Motion to approve the following:


1.       The list of conference requests as presented and approved by administration:

§         C…J.Loos…Monaca, PA…ACCESS PA Training…9/23

§         FT…A.Harrity…SnS/Carnegie PD…Social/Comm Skills…9/29

§         FT…M.Vayanos…South Fayette HS…Yearbook Workshop…9/29

§         C…L.Rowley…AIU…Federal Programs Mtg…9/29, 10/15

§         FT…M.O’Neil…Gateway HS…Honors Band Auditions…10/5

§         FT…A.Harrity…Triple B Farms…Community-Based Skills…10/7

§         FT…Carnegie 1st G. Tchrs…Triple B Farms…Farm Lessons…10/7

§         C…M.Kozy…LaRoche College…AP Calculus Updates…10/13

§         FT…M.O’Neil…McKeesport HS…Band Festival…10/17

§         C…J.Maslyk…Summit Inn…Presenter/TSS Council…10/20-21

§         FT…M.O’Neil…Bloomfield, PA…Halloween Parade…10/27

§         C…J.Sweeney…Pgh Marriott North…A/CA PA Mtg…10/30

§         FT…A.Harrity…Target/CiCi’s…Social/Comm Skills…11/23

§         C…C.Tempest…PATTAN…Training for SAP…12/1-3

                   (Miscellaneous Item #0909-1)

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Conference Requests


II.    Finance



Motion to approve the following:


1.       The Treasurer’s Report for the month of August 2009 as presented;


Treasurer’s Report –August 2009

2. August 2009 bills in the amount of $6,201,684.70 as presented;


August 2009 Bills

3. The September 2009 Rosslyn Farms Real Estate tax refund as presented;

Rosslyn Farms RE Tax Refund

  1. One-year renewable Shredding Services Agreement between the district and The Paper Exchange as presented;  (Finance Item #0909-1)


Shredding Services Agreement – The Paper Exchange

  1. Three-year Letter of Agreement between the district and Cloverleaf/ South Hills Area YMCA for the operation of the summer Camp AIM program as presented by administration and reviewed by the solicitor;  (Finance Item #0909-2)


YMCA/Camp Aim Agreement

  1. Letter of Agreement between the district and the Allegheny Intermediate Unit for remedial reading and math instructional services in the 2009-2010 school year in conjunction with the Title I Reading program at St. Philips School;  (Finance Item #0909-3)


Letter of Agreement – Title I Services for St. Philips School

  1. Athletic Fund Report for the month of August 2009 as presented;
    (Finance Item #0909-4)


Athletic Fund Report – August 2009

  1. Activities Fund Report for the month of August 2009 as presented;  (Finance Item #0909-5)


Activities Fund Report – August 2009

  1. Renew the annual membership with the Pennsylvania Schools Board Association;


PSBA Membership Renewal

  1. Appointment of Dr. Michael Panza as the alternate voting delegate to the county Tax Collection Committee;


Dr. Michael Panza, Alternate –Tax Collection Committee

  1. The July-August 2009 Cafeteria Report as submitted by Aramark Educational Services.  (Finance Item #0909-6)

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July-August 2009 Cafeteria Report


III. Personnel



Motion to approve the following:


1.       The additions to the 2009-2010 Day-to-Day Substitute List as presented and reviewed by administration;

§   Jessica Dayhoff – Secondary English, 7-12

§   Alana Welch – Secondary Social Studies

                   (Personnel Item #0909-1)


Additions to the 2009-2010 Day-to-Day Sub List

2.       The additions to the 2009-2010 Supplemental Athletic List as presented:

§   Bridget Ward – Grade 8 Girls’ Basketball

§   Andrew Smith – Grades 7-8 Head Boys’ Soccer

§   Robert Kietz – Grades 7-8 Assistant Boys’ Soccer

                          (Personnel Item #0909-2)


Additions to the Supplemental Athletic List

3.       The resignation of high school cafeteria worker Shirley Lamb, effective August 17, 2009, as presented, and to approve the anticipated posting.  (Personnel Item #0909-3)


Resignation – Shirley Lamb, Cafeteria Worker

4.       The following educators to teach the Saturday morning SAT Prep courses for the 2009-2010 school year:

§   Michael Kozy – Math

§   Melinda Oravitz – English

             (Personnel Item 0909-4)


SAT Prep Course Instructors

5.       Pete Banaszak for the position of after-school study hall monitor as presented; (Personnel Item 0909-5)


After-School Study Hall Monitor – Pete Banaszak

6.       The addition to the 2009-2010 Activities Supplemental Contract List as follows:

§   Kelly Papst – Carnegie Elementary Peer Helper Sponsor

(Personnel Item #0909-6)

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Carnegie Elementary Peer Sponsor – Kelly Papst



IV.  Student Services



Motion to approve the following:


1.       The list of bus drivers for the 2009-2010 school year as presented by First Student and reviewed by administration;  (Student Services Item #0909-1)


2009-2010 Bus Drivers – First Student


2.       The list of van drivers for the 2009-2010 school year as presented by Roenigk Van Services and reviewed by administration.  (Student Services Item #0909-2)

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2009-2010 Van Drivers – Roenigk Van Services



  • Discussion: The 300, 400, 500 and 600 Policy Series











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