Carlynton School District


Regular Voting Meeting

January 3, 2008

Carlynton Jr.-Sr. High School Library – 7:30 p.m.




Call to order


PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:  Crafton Elementary Student


Roll call


public comment on business before the board:


approval of minutes:


  1. * I move to approve the minutes of the January 3, 2008 Meeting as presented.


Minutes of the January 3, 2008 Voting Meeting





  • Executive Session – David Roussos
  • Superintendent’s Report – Dr. Panza


Ø      Principals’ Reports


·         Pathfinder Report – Sharon Wilson

·         Parkway West CTC Report – Sandra Hughan

·         SHASDA – Patricia Schirripa

·         PSBA-Legislative – Raymond Walkowiak






·         Miscellaneous



  1. * I move to approve the list of Conference and Field Trip Requests as presented:   

§         FT…Mercedes Tierney…Carnegie Science Ctr/Science Bowl…1/9

§         C…Cynthia Eddy…Duquesne Club/Daffodil Days Kickoff…1/15

§         C…Dayna Briggs… Reiki Class Certification…1/20, 2/17, 3/9

§         FT…Jennifer Tylka…Shakespeare Practice for Contest…1/22

§         C…Jennifer Tylka…AIU Workshop/High Ability Learners…1/24

§         C…Lisa Rowley…Sheraton SS/Title 1 Workshop…1/28-30

§         FT…Dina Mitchell…Carnegie Science Center…1/30

§         C…Jan Sweeney…Holiday Inn/Homeless Seminar…1/31

§         FT…Mercedes Tierney…GATE Prob. Solving Comp./RMU…2/1

§         FT…Mercedes Tierney…GATE Enrichment/CMU…2/5

§         C…Robert Susini…Dev. Master Schedule Strategies…2/20-21

§         C…Lori Zimmerman…Title 1 Workshop…4/16-17

                   (Miscellaneous Item #0108-1)

Conference and Field Trip Requests



  1. * I move to approve the revised list of School Crossing Guards for the Borough of Crafton as submitted.   (Miscellaneous Item #0108-2)


Crafton Crossing Guards – Revised List



·         Finance



  1. I move to approve the Treasurer’s Report for the month of November 2007 as submitted.


Treasurer’s Report – November 2007

  1. I move to approve the November 2007 bills in the amount of $1,687,198.23 as presented.


November 2007 Bills

  1. I move to declare the list of presented items as surplus. The administration is directed to dispose in a proper manner those items which do not sell.  (Finance Item #0108-2)


Surplus Public Sale

  1. I move to approve the Act 183 proposal for the Regional Wide Area Network as presented.  (Finance Item #0108-3)


Act 183 Proposal – Regional WAN

  1. * I move to approve the Science Is Elementary (SIE) Grant for Carnegie Elementary for the 2007-2008 school year as presented.  (Finance Item #0108-4)


SIE Grant for Carnegie Elementary



·         Personnel



9.       * I move to approve an unpaid leave for high school cafeteria worker Shirley Lamb, effective _____, under the terms and conditions of the SCA Collective Bargaining Unit Agreement. (Personnel Item #0108-1)


Unpaid Leave - Shirley Lamb

10.   * I move to approve Jeanne Byerly for the position of Health Assistant in the Carlynton School District, effective January 21, 2008.  (Personnel Item #0108-2)


Health Assistant Position – Jeanne Byerly

11.   * I move to accept the resignation of Sarah Vierra from the Activities Supplemental Position of Elementary Peer Help Sponsor and to post for the anticipating opening.  (Personnel Item #0108-3)


Resignation as Elementary Peer Helper Sponsor – Sarah Vierra



·         Policy



12.   I move to approve the revisions to Policy No. 230 regarding the use of electronic devices.  (Policy Item #0108-1)


Policy No. 230 – Use of Electronic Devices