Carlynton School District


Agenda Setting/Committee/Voting Meeting

October 1, 2009

Carlynton Jr.-Sr. High School Library – 7:30 p.m.




Call to order


Roll call

public comment on business before the board

approval of minutes:


Motion to approve the following:



  1. The minutes of the September 17, 2008 Committee/Agenda Setting/ Voting Meeting as presented.

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Minutes – September 17, 2009



  • Executive Session – Thomas Brown

Ø      Principals’ Reports

Ø      Director of Pupil Services’ Report

Ø      Business Manager Report

  • Superintendent’s Report – Dr. Panza



I. Miscellaneous



Motion to approve the following:


1.       The list of conference requests as presented and approved by administration:

§         C…S.Barnes…Carino’s Grille…Counselor Wrkshp/Lunch…10/16

§         C…J.Nagorski…Wheeling Jesuit …WS/Space Mission…10/16

§         C…C.Rex…Wheeling Jesuit …WS/Space Mission…10/16

§         FT…Crafton K…Reilly’s Farm…Agricultural Tour…10/20

§         FT…R.Foltz…GT Radisson…Interact Conference…10/27

§         FT…V.Ferro…CHS…Crafton Choral Concert Rehearsal…12/16

§         FT…V.Ferro…CHS…Carnegie Choral Concert Rehearsal…12/16

§         FT…V.Ferro…CHS…Crafton Choral Concert Rehearsal…5/11/10

§         FT…V.Ferro…CHS…Carnegie Choral Concert Rehearsal…5/11/10

§         FT…Craft. 1st G. Tchrs…Car Mus/Playhouse…Enrichmt…5/14/10

                   (Miscellaneous Item #1009-1)

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Conference and Field Trip Requests


II.    Finance



Recommend the following:


1. The Treasurer’s Report for the month of September 2009 as presented; TBP

Treasurer’s Report –September 2009

 2. September 2009 bills in the amount of $_________ as presented; TBP

September 2009 Bills

Motion to approve the following:


1.       Services Agreement between the district and Wesley Spectrum Services for the Wesley Spectrum Integrated Program (STEP) for the 2009-2010 school year as presented;  (Finance Item #1009-1)


Services Agreement – Wesley Spectrum Services

2.       Educational Services Agreement between the district and the Allegheny Intermediate Unit for the enrollment of an individual in the Alternative Education Program for the 2009-2010 school year as presented;  (Finance Item #1009-2)

__________First;  __________Second;  __________Vote


Educational Service Agreement – AIU, Alt Ed Program

III. Personnel



Motion to approve the following:


1.       The additions to the 2009-2010 Day-to-Day Substitute List as presented and reviewed by administration;

§   Maretta Cannon – Early Childhood

§   Jessica Durci – Elementary

§   Joseph Farkas – Elementary

§   Ross Polk – Early Childhood

§   Christopher Ritter – Music, K-12

§   Daniel Vietmeier - Elementary

                   (Personnel Item #1009-1)


Additions to the 2009-2010 Day-to-Day Sub List

2.       Addition to the 2009-2010 Supplemental Curriculum List as presented:

§   Michael Kozy - Mathematics

(Personnel Item #1009-2)


Addition to the Supplemental Curriculum List


3.  Award a Temporary Professional Employee Contract to the following individual, effective ________, under the terms and conditions of the Carlynton Federation of Teachers Collective Bargaining Agreement:

§   ______________, Social Studies


TPE, Social Studies - ___________

4.       The following reassignments of individuals per the terms and conditions of the Secretarial-Cafeteria-Aides Collective Bargaining Agreement:

§   Maria Apicella, General Cafeteria Worker

§   Suzanne Harding, General Cafeteria Worker

§   Beth Rave, General Cafeteria Worker

and to approve the anticipated postings.

(Personnel Item #1009-3)

             __________First;  __________Second;  __________Vote


General Cafeteria Workers –
Maria Apicella
Suzanne Harding
Beth Rave




  • Discussion: The 300, 400, 500 and 600 Policy Series








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