Carlynton School District


Committee/Voting Meeting

December 4, 2008

Carlynton Jr.-Sr. High School Library
Immediately following Reorganization Meeting




Call to order



Roll call



public comment on business before the board:



approval of minutes:


  1. I move to approve the minutes of the November 20, 2008 Regular Voting Meeting as presented.



Minutes of the November 20, 2008 Meeting





  • Executive Session – David Roussos
  • Superintendent’s Report – Dr. Michael Panza


Ø      Principals’ Reports

Ø      Pupil Services’ Report


·         Pathfinder Report

·         Parkway West CTC Report

·         SHASDA

·         PSBA-Legislative






·         Miscellaneous



  1. I move to approve the following Conference and Field Trip Requests as submitted, following review by administration:

§   C…L.Rowley…Sheraton SS…Federal Programs Mtg…1/26-28

§   C…S. M-Kosko…Sheraton SS…Federal Programs Mtg…1/26-29

§   FT…R.Harey…Heinz History Ctr…History Trip…05/26
       (Miscellaneous Item #1208-1)

Conference and Field Trip Requests





·         Finance



  1. I move to approve a Rosslyn Farms Real Estate Tax Refund as presented. (Finance Item #1208-1)


Rosslyn Farms RE Tax Refund

  1. I move to award the bid for the District Energy Management System to Fit Optimized Solutions at a cost of $16,999.  (Finance Item #1208-2)


Energy Management Bid to Fit Optimized Solutions

  1. I move to award the bid for a Turf Tender to E. H. Griffith, Inc. at a cost of $13,320.30.  (Finance Item #1208-3)


Turf Tender Bid to E. H. Griffith, Inc

  1. I move to submit a Request for Proposal for a District Fiber RWAN in conjunction with the Allegheny Intermediate Unit as presented.  (Finance Item #1208-4)


RFP – District Fiber RWAN

  1. I move to approve the October 2009 Cafeteria Report as submitted by Aramark Educational Services.  (Finance Item #1208-5)


October 2009 Cafeteria Report

  1. I move to approve the payment of a bill for the athletic department.



Athletic Department Bill

·         Personnel



  1. I move to approve Christine Trombetta as Cafeteria Cook, effective November 17, 2008, under the terms and conditions of the Secretarial/Cafeteria/Aides Collective Bargaining Unit Agreement. (Personnel Item #1208-1)



Christine Trombetta – Cafeteria Cook

·         Policy



  1. I move to approve the revisions to Policy No. 249 – the Bullying and Harassment Policy, as recommended by the solicitor. (Policy Item #1208-1)


Policy No. 249 Revisions

  1. I move to approve and adopt the proposed Nepotism Policy, as submitted by administration.  (Policy Item #1208-2)


Adopt Nepotism Policy

  1. I move to approve the amendment to the junior-senior high school student handbook to permit the carrying of small purses as presented by administration.  (Policy Item #1208-3)



Amendment to Student Handbook – Small Purses

·         Student Services



  1. I move to approve and recognize the following Carlynton High School students as independent gymnasts and allow participation in the WPIAL gymnastic program, at no cost to the district, under the following stipulations: 1. Christine Gulakowski is the students’ uncompensated coach; 2. Each student will submit a current physical to be kept on file in the Office of the Athletic Director; 3. Each student meets all academic requirements; and 4. Pending parents’ signature on a waiver to be prepared by the district solicitor:

§   Danielle Barber

§   Brittany Kroh

§   Kathryn Stanko

§   Kari Tedesco    (Student Services Item #1208-1)


Independent Gymnasts



14. I move to approve the 2009-2010 Program of Studies for grades seven and eight and grades nine and 12 as presented.  (Student Services Item #1208-2)



2009-2010 Program of Studies